Kulisek PC was formed in 2008 by Lisa Kulisek, AIA. Kulisek believes that the success of a project depends not only on the client’s program and the architect’s problem-solving skills, but on the ability of the members of the project team to communicate well. The architect must have a good working relationship with the client, consulting engineers and contractors. Lisa has been involved in the successful building of project teams and brings her knowledge and passion to bear to take full advantage of strong relationships. Her talent, vision and strong design skills are employed with sensitivity and good humor. The architect’s role as leader, mediator and translator is one that she particularly enjoys. Lisa takes pride in being both creative and diligent. She would be delighted to discuss with you any aspect of the design and construction process.

Lisa’s primary goal is to use her well-honed design skills to edit the project choices and direct the overall design process in a way that is less stressful, more enjoyable, and ultimately yields a better product than a project in which she is not involved. Kulisek PC strives for excellence with the belief that high standards and enthusiasm are contagious and will inspire the entire project team to produce good buildings and spaces. Our positive, people-centered attitude distinguishes Kulisek P.C. from many other firms.

Kulisek P.C. is a new breed of architecture firm. We will provide a supportive environment for employees at all levels and will constantly re-evaluate the status of our human resources. These are our most valuable assets and deserve to be our highest priority in the quest for a sustainable practice. Informed by Lisa’s experience as a new mom, Kulisek P.C. will provide daycare options for employees with young children and will actively seek to employ men and women who find themselves unable to sustain their pre-parent architecture jobs but need and desire to continue to work- a highly under-utilized group. Kulisek PC recognizes that architects must evolve in order to survive global challenges even though their work gets done locally.

We welcome this challenge.