Lisa Kulisek is a licensed Architect, NCARB certified and registered in the states of Illinois and Michigan. Her firm, Kulisek P.C., was founded in Chicago, Illinois in 2008. Kulisek has a graduate degree from Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design and an undergraduate degree from the University of Michigan’s College of Architecture and Urban Planning. Lisa worked for 10 years at Tigerman McCurry Architects in Chicago, where she became an Associate in 2001. She has been active in the professional organization Chicago Women in Architecture, of which she is a past president and is a member of the American Institute of Architects.

Kulisek is a minimalist with a love of imperfection and the texture of ordinary materials often found in the context of historic buildings and well-worn urban fabric. She prefers beautifully expressed building materials over fashion-conscious decoration. She admires high-quality buildings from places where extraordinary pride in construction, knowledge of history and a respect for the wisdom of team effort manages to subvert the building-as-base-commodity approach so often practiced today. Lisa has worked in a contemporary practice with all the attendant market-driven and technological pressures and concludes that newer, bigger and faster do not necessarily mean better. She believes that a generalist’s broad, intelligent, creative approach is still at the heart of architectural practice.

Due to extraordinary luck, Lisa has worked on project types of different sizes, with varying budgets, different structural systems, using varied materials, in varied locations. This breadth of experience allows her to see each project in its larger context and has given her the opportunity to work with many different sizes of team from large general contractors to independent consultants, owner’s representatives, non-profit committees and individual clients. She will not ever build the same project twice. This ensures that she will always be doing stimulating work and learning new things – one of the great benefits of life as an architect.

A current vitae and references are available upon request.

Lisa and her daughter, Nina.